Designed by A V I S I O Studios What is “NAVARASA” ??? Indian performing arts employ a range of expressions and gestures to  communicate emotions and convey stories. Rasas, or emotions, are  very important aspects of dance-drama such as Kathakali. They  articulate not only the sentiment of the character, but also the reason  behind that emotion. The Natyashastra, an ancient Indian study of  performing arts, defines eight principal emotions, Sringaram, Hasyam,  Karunam, Roudram, Veeram, Bhayanakam, Bheebalsam and  Adbuthyam. The ninth one, Shantham was added later. 'These nine  emotions', or Navarasas form the foundation for expressing emotions in Kerala's classical performing art forms. The Navarasa Experience Tour Package, organized by Tourist Desk,  Kochi, provides you with a unique opportunity to experience these nine  emotions through a Ten-nights-and-Eleven-day journey across various  destinations of Kerala.